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Bird Droppings: Shipping Up to Boston Edition

I say just bring it.

Roar From 34 talks big losses to the Rangers in recent seasons, or at least losses to the Rangers in which the Orioles give up a buttload of runs. The 19-6 loss from the other night and 30-3 laugher (it's that or crying or breaking something) didn't set anything off in my head, but the mention of the 11-8 loss to the Rangers on July 27, 2005 did. That game immediately flew back into my head. Here's the Camden Chat post-game. It was right in the middle of the hideous free-fall, just before things got REALLY bad. That game was excruciating.

Dempsey's Army uses evil statistics and ridiculous "numbers" to debunk the idea that Chad Moeller can't hit worth a damn, so that must mean he's good defensively.

33rd & Eutaw has their own take on the 19-6 loss. We all do. Games like that are just putrid. They're also going with "Sugar Bear" for Adam Jones. I sadly cannot approve; too close to Nick "Honey Bear" Markakis...or does that make it MORE awesome?

MLB Outsider names Nick Markakis the No. 1 right fielder in all of baseball. There's probably a bit to debate there, but then you really think about it. What other right fielder in MLB would you rather have, in a world where Nick Markakis isn't near and dear to your heart? I can't think of a single one. I'd take him every time. That does it: Nick Markakis is the best right fielder in Major League Baseball.

Weaver's Tantrum hates the way the Orioles have jerked around Radhames Liz.

Roch talks Patton and Pedro. "This isn't the same Pedro who defeated Don Zimmer in Wrestlemania 12." I'll have you know, Roch, that WrestleMania XII (Roman numerals!!!!!) was held in ANAHEIM in 1996, and it featured the epic, overrated iron man match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, as well as the return of the Ultimate Warrior. I SAID GOOD DAY!

Peter also talks Patton. Pick your horse.