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GameThread: Yankees (0-1) @ O's (1-0)


Koji Uehara makes his official Major League Baseball debut today against Chien-Ming Wang. Wang (8-2, 4.07/1.32 last year) missed most of 2008.

How much will Mark Teixeira be booed today? I remember back when I used to go to independent pro wrestling shows. Chanting and things like that became infectious, and it went from show-to-show. O's fans saw how much fun it was and how much attention it got. Everyone's going to want their chance to rail on Tex in person. It won't be as thunderous as that first AB or the last one, I don't expect, but he might hear it bad all season.

Another note: Down in North Carolina, folks with Time-Warner cable STILL can't see the O's or Nationals because of T-W's feud with MASN. I know we've got some NC readers. This has been going for years now. It's ridiculous. The FCC has ruled three times in favor of MASN, but Time-Warner has appealed every single time, and they're doing it again. MLB is promising to actually address the issue in May.