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People, Get Ready: Here Come Simon, Eaton and Hendrickson

The Orioles are 2-0. Today, they go for the first 3-0 start in 12 years.

On the mound will be Alfredo Simon opposing AJ Burnett.

Jeremy Guthrie (6 IP, 3 ER) and Koji Uehara (5 IP, 1 ER) have given us starting to performances that help teams win games in our opening two against New York. Now we get to the meat of the rotation. What sort of meat that is is another story.

Simon today, Hendrickson tomorrow. The team won't need a fifth starter until April 12, when Adam Eaton will join the club. Hopefully Amber will give us another weird rambling Easter story like last year.

I'll say this, since I know I've kind of harped on how bad I think these guys are going to be: It won't be uninteresting. We can say that. Every at-bat will be pins and needles for the first few starts of all these dudes. If they get through it unscathed, then great, I'll settle down. Until then I don't trust 'em.