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Mark Teixeira still doesn't know who he rooted for

Rick Maese seems as perplexed as anybody at this point:

I asked point-blank whether he rooted for both teams growing up, and Teixeira said no. But he quickly added an asterisk.

"I rooted for Don Mattingly, though, whenever he came here,"Teixeira said. "He was my favorite player growing up. When the Yankees came to town, that's who I rooted for. I loved him. He was my guy. I wore No. 23 every chance I got. So the only time I was allowed to wear Yankees stuff was when Mattingly was coming to town and playing the O's."

No. This is not being a fan. It is certainly not being an Orioles fan. I mean, look, I like Manny Ramirez. I wasn't running around in a freaking Red Sox hat when they played my favorite team while he was there. Please drop the B.S., Mork.

So every other day, you were in Orioles' gear?

"Oh yeah. My favorite team was always the Orioles. I've always said that," he said. "But when the Yankees were in town, I'd wear a Mattingly T-shirt and a Yankees hat and root for him."

OK, so I'm sure that puts that little Bmore controversy to rest. Or not.

So this is essentially what he's saying:

1. I loved the Orioles!

2. I loved Don Mattingly so much I rooted for the Yankees against the Orioles!


Teixeira said he avoided media coverage of the booing yesterday. He wouldn't say whether it was louder than he expected, but he doesn't anticipate wearing earplugs or anything tonight.

"I think the fans here are great," he said. "They're so passionate about the O's, the Yankees are in town and I didn't sign with the Orioles -- I think it's great for Baltimore that fans are so into the Orioles."

Fast forward to about 7:00 (the "A" word is used, so take heed):