Bye Dave, My Turn

Well, it seems that year after year the fans are promised a winning season, by saying next year. The years have come and gone & still nothing. Even 3rd place would excite fans. I am now throwing my name into the hat to manage the Birds. Who am I? What experience do I have? Who do I know? What connections? Etc. Etc..

 I grew up playing stick ball and curve ball in the city. Playing marathon games it seemed forever and a day. A time when players played for THE LOVE OF THE GAME. NOT for the moola!! Baseball &  players have totally RUINED the game.

I am an advocate of EARL WEAVER/BILLY-BALL COMBO managing. Most of todays players have no business in the majors. The will and WANTING to win by hard work and execution have gone out the window. I loved Charlie Finley's approach to the game and gimmicks to get the fans to ENJOY, have FUN, & really want to fill the stands.

If I had the helm, respect, commitment, execution, wanting, and willing to go to any length to get a division title, playoffs, and world series win, would have to be the goal of EVERY PLAYER on the team. There would be no big shots. All players are treated equal and as one. BECAUSE IF WE HAD ONE BIG SHOT OR ONE SMALL SHOT, THEN WE ARE ALL SHOT.

I'm talking about the squeeze, hit & run, steals, and how about fundamental BUNTING. ALL players have to execute a bunt 80% or stay in the minors. I am talking about a rigid, fair, but FUN way to play the game. Always keeping the other team guessing if it could be 2 bunts, a hit and run, and maybe a squeeze that is called off to smack one up the field for playing in close. I'm talking about me getting thrown out of the game more times in a season then Earl did in any season. Knowing that the players worked hard for me to fight for them as they are fighting to bring a championship to all fans who financially pay their salaries. Peter signs the checks, but the fans pay all.

If only I had the birds, the clubhouse would not be a pretty one from the start. Heads will roll and switches to the minors would happen fast. Respect is earned and not given. Twenty years in the military taught a lot and I would try and mold the entire team to want, win, execute, commit, & to be willing to go out each and every day to do THE BEST THEY CAN bring home at least a playoff season and hopefully further, or PACK UP THEIR BAGS and head somewhere else.




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