Dave Trembley has got to go!

4 Runs in the 9th! why didnt he get the bullpen going? Is he stupid or what? Im Watched the game on Rays TV network. Dave Trembley is another peabrain like Joe Altobelli was.We Could had won it in the 9th. John Gibbons would not allow McCroy pitch in the 9th. He would simply put Sherill in and let him have his first win.Troy Percival is one of the best bullpen closers in the game and the O's score 3 off him! So Peter please Fire Dave Trembley! Good things happen when you fire a loser. The Ravens did!!! Steve Biscotti fired that sore idiot loser Brian Billick and the Ravens almost went to the Super Bowl last year! So Mr Angelos please do the right thing,,,Fire Dave Trembley ,,Donald Trump would!

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