Hill should get another start and i disagree with Trembley

What i disagree with him about? Pulling him out of the 6th inning total 86 pitches. Hill is capitable going longer than that. The more you teach pitchers to pitch up to 6 innings the more it becomes a habbit using that bullpen when you dont need to. I watched the O's vs White sox 83 ALCS on MLB channel. And Brit Burns pitches 150 pitches before giving up the big one to Tito Landrum. Pitchers can pitch over 125 pitches in the game.They gotta be taught how to last longer. Palmer,McNally and Cuellar can go more than 125 pitches.Theres simply no excuse why they cant teach Rich Hill to go longer than 110 Pitches. Just like O's pitchers nibble around the strike zone is not the way to pitch. You have to know how to throw a strike with something on it. Like change speeds when hitter thinks your going for that fast ball but its an off speed fast ball. Its all about timing. Palmer, McNally and Cuellar knew what pitch to use and time it on a situation. You dont see Nolan Ryan blow everyone away with his 99+ Fastball everytime do you? He just knew when to use it and locate where he wants to throw it. The more O's pitching coaches keep depending on using that Bullpen theyre never contend!! Look how the yanks are doing it. You dont see  CC Sabathia,A.J. Burnett and Andy Pettitte stop throwing after 6 innings do you? they pitch the 7th then Yanks get a use the Bullpen by the 8th if nessary. And John Gibbons will teach that disapline to them just like Earl did.

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