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Off Day Random Stuff

Mercifully the O's have an off day before heading to New York to face the Yankees who have won five in a row, including three walk offs, two in extra innings. They're probably feeling pretty good right about now.

The O's might not be feeling so good after blowing the game in Kansas City yesterday. A series split isn't awful on the road, but the end of that game was just ugly. At least, from what I hear. When I stopped watching the O's were up 3-1 and Koji was dealing. But I've seen enough O's meltdowns to imagine what happened.

Speaking of Koji, I might be crazy, and feel free to tell me that I am, but do you think he could be our closer? Not this year obviously, since there's no one to replace him in the rotation. It's early in the season still, but it's appearing that Koji just doesn't what it takes to get through the innings required to be a very successful starter. So how about closing? He hardly walks anyone, early in games before he tires he has excellent control. I don't know. Normally you think of closers being those guys who throw 95 miles an hour, but could it work? Or would Koji be more valuable in long relief? Just speculation, of course, as he will definitely be in the rotation for the foreseeable future.

In case you missed it, the Tampa Bay Rays played without a DH yesterday. Joe Maddon screwed up the lineup card and accidentally listed two 3B when Longoria was supposed to be the DH. Longoria ended up having to sit out and Andy Sonnanstine batted third in their lineup. It can be laughed off since the Rays won and Sonnanstine had an RBI double, but you can be sure Joe Maddon will be extra careful from now on.

If you don't read Roar from 34 regularly, shame on you. It's great. One of their current projects is The Eutaw Street Chronicles, which details the circumstances around each home run hit onto Eutaw Street. Today's entry is for a home run hit by Rafael Palmeiro on April 3, 1996. Check it out.

How long do you guys think the Blue Jays can hold on to first place? I thought it would have happened by now but they still have a three game lead over Boston. They just keep on winning. But it has to end, right? Aaron Hill cannot keep playing the way he has been. Dude has 11 home runs and an OPS of .954. He'll come back to earth soon.

That's all I've got. What do you guys have? More proof positive that John Gibbons is our savior, perhaps?