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Report: Chris Ray optioned to Norfolk

Just got a text from saying Chris Ray is being optioned to Norfolk to make room to call up tonight's starter David Hernandez.



[Note by Stacey, 05/28/09 5:10 PM EDT ] Roch has posted some quotes by Chris Ray about his demotion that I think are worth reading. I hope the kid can get himself straightened out because he's very likable.

"It doesn't do me any good to be up here and throw once a week," he said. "I need to get my repetitions and get in there on a more consistent basis, just so I can get my game back up to what it was.

"Last night, first inning again, I feel like maybe I'm rushing a little bit. Then in the second inning, I was calmed down and it was a lot better. I think the biggest thing is just to go down and get some regular work in.

"I'm not naive. I personally think I needed it anyway. It's not doing me any good to throw once a week here. I'm just taking up space in the bullpen. Getting in there, less pressure situations, just going out there and being able to repeat myself. We've been having a lot of close games here lately, so it's not like they've been able to get me in."