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Orioles 7, Tigers 2: Matt Wieters

The Orioles won their second straight game against Detroit, and fifth overall, last night as Matt Wieters made his highly anticipated debut. Although it was raining for most of the afternoon, the skies decided to clear up as Matt had a dinner date at 10:30 and wanted to get things rolling.

The action got underway pretty quickly for Wieters as the very first batter of the game, Josh Anderson, bunted up the third base line only to be gunned down by God's son himself. After Wieters' cannon was put on display, the precedent was set, so we weren't able to see any throws down to second from our catcher as the Tigers were quite simply terrified.

In his first at bat, Matt worked the count pretty well before lining out to right, and his subsequent appearances at the plate didn't result in much success either, but there isn't any cause for concern as Wieters caught a terrific game anyway.

There are actually too many storylines to cover in one measly post, but Bergesen would have to be the third best story behind Wieters and Scott. Last night, Brad allowed just 2 earned runs with 7 hits, 2 strikeouts, and no walks over 8 innings pitched. His ceiling previously may have been a number 5, but judging by how he has handled ML hitters thus far, he may be able to reach the middle of the rotation if everything turns out perfectly, with a back-end starter as his midpoint projection.

I agree with Joe Sheehan in that Bergesen, like Koji, seems to fall apart quite quickly, but I'll take 5/6 innings for now with Dave watching Brad closely once the 85 pitch threshold is reached.

By the way, since coming off the DL, Luke Scott is 7 for 13 with 5 homers and 12 RBI, including a 3 for 3 performance last night with 2 home runs and 5 RBI to improve his season line to .336/.421/.664. I really do like the guy, but trade high, Andy.