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Well, that sucked. Rays 6, Orioles 3.

We all knew this season would be like this. We can hit, some. Our defense can be good. We have some, but not much, decent starting pitching. And our bullpen is among the worst in baseball.

Sure enough, we hit some today, with a HR by Brian Roberts, a HR by ZAUN and a double by Adam Jones. And the O’s picked a guy off second base. And Koji Uehara pitched about as well as he could for 5 innings. Problem is, those three extra-base hits were accompanied by only 1 other single and 2 walks. And the Orioles committed three errors. And Jamie Walker...well, he wasn't good today, with a HBP against his only batter. And Uehara ended up charged with 5 ERs and now has a sub-.500 record.

We all knew this season would be like this. But it doesn’t make it any easier to take. And two more years of this…