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Orioles 11, Braves 2: Ladies and gentlemen, Brad Bergesen!

Sure, the Orioles scored 11 runs today. Ty Wigginton, of all people, hit 2 home runs. Robert Andino continued to hit the ball like he wants to personally take the nameplate off Cesar Izturis’ locker. And even gregg zaun hit enough to make me think, think, mind you, about returning all capital letters to his last name. It’s gonna take a lot more to get that exclamation point back, zaun.

But the star of the past month continues to be one Brad Bergesen. CC member Aldoran ran the numbers, and they look good. In his last four starts, here’s what Brad has done:

32 IP, 22 H, 5 BB, 6 ER, 15 K, 1.69 ERA,
0.844 WHIP, 3.0 K/BB

The Orioles won on a Sunday. They won a series finale. They won the day before a day off. They won with a multi-substitute lineup. And they won against one of the National League’s better starters thus far this season. Did you know Derek Lowe had six quality starts before today? I knew he was throwing well, but, well, he sure didn't today, did he? Last team to knock him out before the 3rd inning? You guessed it, the Orioles in 2004. Really.

Baseball sure is a lot more fun than it was 48 hours ago, huh?

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