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Let's see how far we've come

I was thinking today about how tonight Erik Bedard will finally be facing his old teammates after the O's missed him due to injury twice last season. But as soon as I thought about it, I realized that most of this team never played with Bedard. A quick comparison of the 2007 roster to the 2009 rosters shows that the only current Orioles to play with Bedard in 2007 are Brian Roberts, Melvin Mora, Nick Markakis, Aubrey Huff, Jeremy Guthrie, Jamie Walker, and Danys Baez. Since Bedard left over 70% of the Orioles roster has turned over. It's possible that after this year only Roberts, Markakis, and Guthrie will remain. This isn't news to anyone who follows the Orioles, of course, but still, that's a lot of dudes to get rid of.

If you get a chance, check out the 2007 roster; it'll turn your stomach it's so bad. I can't even believe I watched those guys. I made up a 25 man roster from 2007 based on the players who spent the most time with the team that year so that I could see where they are now.

In the Majors

Ramon Hernandez - He's the starting catcher for the Cincinatti Reds and appears to be doing ok. His hitting is pretty much in line with his last few years, but his defensive numbers look good. He's caught 37% of base stealers (10 out of 27) and hasn't allowed a passed ball. I haven't actually seen him play, but the guys at the Red Reporter don't seem to have anything bad to say about him. In a poll on May 29th, he was voted best off season acquisition by a landslide.

Kevin Millar - Kevin loves the AL East and is on the bench for the Blue Jays. He's gotten into 28 games and is holding his own as a backup with an OPS+ of 96. I hope he's happy in Toronto because he's one of my favorite dudes ever.

Miguel Tejada - Miggi is off to a great 2009 with the Houston Astros. In 50 games he has hit 5 HR and 20 2B and is OPS'ing .908. He seems due to a drop off soon, however, since his batting average is .353 and his OBP is only .380. Once his batting average drops to its normal .285-.300 range he'll look more like his career average, maybe less since he's getting so old.

Erik Bedard - After an injury plagued 2008 season, Erik is living up to his potential this year. In 54.1 innings he has 54 Ks and his K/BB is back near his 2007 level at 3.60. His ERA is just 2.48, but he's been a bit plagued by the home run. The Orioles will have their hands full with him tonight.

Still Playing Somewhere

Corey Patterson - AAA Syracuse (WSN). Corey has an embarrassing .299 OBP in AAA. I hope he invested well.

Paul Bako - In AA Reading (PHI) since 5/29.

Jay Gibbons - After getting released by the Marlins in Spring Training, he signed with the Newark Bears on May 11th. In 27 games he has 3 home runs and an OBP of .303.

Tike Redman - He's Jay's teammate in Newark, and he's doing very poorly.

Brian Burres - He made two starts for the Blue Jays and is now in AAA Las Vegas. Somewhere, Jim Palmer weeps.

Chad Bradford - Chad had elbow surgery in the offseason and is currently rehabbing in the Rays' minor league system.

Chris Ray - We all know where he is. Start pitching better and get back to Baltimore, Chris!

Out of Baseball

Jay Payton - Mr. Surly isn't affiliated with any team that I can find. Poor chap can't even get anybody to update his Wikipedia page.

Chris Gomez - He hasn't caught on anywhere after the O's released him in ST this year. Chris is getting pretty old, I'd be surprised to see him play again.

Daniel Cabrera - Unemployed after he refused a minor league assignment by the Nats. Rumor has it he might end up with the Marlins.

Steve Trachsel - The Trashman was cooked after 8 starts last year. He hasn't been heard from since his release.

John Parrish - Signed a minor league deal by the O's in February then released during ST, John hasn't pitched anywhere since as far as I can tell.

Rob Bell - He was last seen in AAA Charlotte in 2008, but he was awful. I'm guessing at age 32 he finally decided to hang it up.

Paul Shuey - Mercifully retired (again)

I can't even begin to talk about some of the other drek that was on that roster, especially the pitchers in August and September. Let's hope we never see those days again.