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"Mid-Point" MBP

via ME

So... as we all know, the all-star break is upon us.  The HR Derby was yesterday.  I started to watch it but it quickly bored me.  In my opinion the HRD has run its course.  It was cool for a while to see how far juiced up players could hit juiced up balls with juiced up bats, but last night I found it very monotonous.  So, I did what any sports fan would naturally do...  I kept it on my tube.  Following the HRD was the Celebrities & Legends Softball game.  Who knew Nelly was so good at softball?  Who knew that Bobby Knight had such a soft spot for 4 1/2 ft tall, gold medal winning, gymnasts?  And who the hell knew that Goose Gossage played all the way until 1994?!?  I always thought that he was a Sepia Tone Era guy.  Must've been his name, I dunno.  But anyway.  Tonight's The Game.  But, really, who cares about the good-for-nothing-but means-something-when-it-shouldn't-because-it's-just-an-exhibition-game-anyway game.  Enjoy seeing the "best of the best" play on the same field, but to me it's not a particularly big deal.  Again...  because I'm a good fan it'll be on my TV.  The real important business at this, the "halfway" house point is, if the season ended today who would get the MBP award for the season?

We have three of the four brackets filled out: (The Number in parenthises is the number of Game MBP's won)


#1 (# of Birdlands) Nick Markakis (10)/Adam Jones (10)




#4  Wild Card




#2 (CALLUP) Brad Bergesen (8)


#3 (ZAUN) ZAUN (2)


The brackets that are links, link to the polls that will determine who gets that bracket place.  The Markakis/Jones poll and the Wild Card Poll will end at midnight tonight.  The brackets will then get a poll which will end tomorrow night at midnight.  The two winners will get a poll which will end at Game Time Friday.