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White Sox 4, Orioles 3: I didn't watch this game

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Today was a lovely day, wasn't it? I'm moving next week, so this morning my dad and I went to the dump to get rid of all the junk that's been accumulating since my last move . While we were there he was all, "I love the dump!" What is it with dads and the dump, anyway? I will admit it's liberating to throw away a bunch of stuff, and it was a beautiful day to be outside. After that I went to visit my grandfather. He just got a new sun shade on his patio that he wanted to show me. Then I went to Artscape where I ate a giant turkey leg (or part of a giant turkey leg; they're big!) and bought a beautiful photograph of the warehouse with a rainbow arcing above it. And to make things even better, this weekend is the annual anime convention in Baltimore so everywhere you look there are people dressed up in crazy costumes. On the light rail ride home from Artscape my entire car bonded in talking about them.

Oh, so there was a baseball game today. From what I can gather, Brad Bergesen pitched a pretty good game but was undone by a Wiggy error and unable to regain his form and it could have been a lot worse if Nolan Reimold and Nick Markakis hadn't each thrown a runner out at home in the 5th inning.

Nick, Nolan, and Brian Roberts continued their post-AS break hitting with multi-hit games, though Nick somewhat disappointingly left 4 men on base. It's hard to say much about it having not seen it though. It's encouraging to see Nolan have two strong games in a row as he was struggling going into the break.

For the White Sox, Mark Buerhle pitched a strong game, going 7.1 innings allowing just one run with zero walks and four stirkeouts. The O's tried to come back against the the closer Bobby Jenks, scoring two runs in the 9th before Markakis grounded out to end the game.