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Rosenthal on a Sherrill Trade: Inevitable but not imminent

It's been discussed in a few Fan Posts, and now Ken Rosenthal has devoted a column to the possibility of trading George Sherrill before the deadline. From the article:

While a trade of Sherrill looks inevitable — "They will move him; they know he's the best available closer out there," one rival executive says — it is not yet imminent.

One general manager interested in Sherrill says the Orioles are "playing the 'don't-have-to-move-him-so-make-us' card" — a characterization the O's do not dispute.

"If it's something meaningful coming back, something we don't have, a building block for the future, we would have to consider it," says Andy MacPhail, the team's president of baseball operations.

The Marlins, Dodgers, Brewers and Angels are among the clubs pursuing Sherrill, major-league sources say. The Cubs, MacPhail's former team and one of his frequent trading partners, also have interest.

It's a little frightening that the Cubs are listed as having interest considering they are MacPhail's go-to trading partner. It'd be nice to see him make a trade with one of the other clubs. The fact that there is interest from multiple teams is encouraging, hopefully it'll be possible to build leverage with teams competing against each other.

The Orioles specifically want to find a long-term replacement for third baseman Melvin Mora, who is a free agent after this season. They also would like to add to their developing core of young pitching.

I know Georgie has been pretty shutdown this year, but it seems like a bit much to expect to get a young, viable 3B in return for a relief pitcher. It's been mentioned that Brandon Wood would be a great target if Sherrill goes to the Angels, but I think that might be overvaluing George a bit.

For those of you with better knowledge of the Marlins, Dodgers, Brewers, Angels, and Cubs systems, who would you like to see to fill a corner infield/pitching spot in exchange for George Sherrill?