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Off Day Randomness

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Some things to ponder and discuss on a day with no Orioles baseball to distract us:

Trade Rumors! reports the following regarding the Orioles:

  • Jhoulys Chacin, a top pitching prospect for the Rockies, was pulled from his start yesterday. Speculation is he could be involved in a deal for any number of relievers, including Danys Baez and George Sherrill (more details in Dr. Orpheus' Fan Post).
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Angels are targeting Sherrill and Cleveland's Rafael Betancourt. He doesn't think the Orioles are interested in trading Huff or Scott. And speculates Hendo may be on the block, though not for the Angels.
  • But George Sherrill doesn't want to be traded! He likes it here! (Sun)
  • It will probably be at least a month before Miguel Sano signs, but the Orioles are still interested. (MASN)

Around the BlogOsphere:

  • Around the Harbor takes a look at the inconsistency of the Orioles offense.
  • Dempsey's Army does some math to figure the trade value of the Orioles' spare parts. 
  • Contribute to The Wayward Oriole's caption contest for a picture of Luke and Amber. Also, if you enjoyed the rhyming game thread awhile back, scroll down and check out his rhyming all star game updates. 
  • Camden Crazies plays a game of WAR and determines that Albert Pujols is more valuable than the entire Orioles infield, Matt Kemp is more valuable than the entire Orioles outfield, and Zack Greinke is more valuable than the entire Orioles rotation. Depressing. 

And finally, a stat to think about...

A pretty simple way to see how good a team is going is their run differential. Score more runs than you allow and you'll win more (generally speaking).  So far this year the Orioles have scored 436 runs and allowed 498 runs. That's an average of 4.64 runs scored per game and 5.30 runs allowed per game, a difference of  -0.66 runs per game, and the only negative run differential in the American League East. For reference, the Red Sox have a run differential of 0.83, the Yankees' is 0.72, the Rays' is 0.86, and the Blue Jays' is 0.35. To be in league with the conteders of the AL East the Orioles need to increase their differential by over 1 run.

It's been mentioned around here that even when the pitching gets here, it's possible the the offense won't be good enough to make up the difference. So what do you think? When Rich Hill and Jason Berken are replaced by Chris Tillman and Jake Arrieta/Brian Matusz, will that do it? How about the hopeful increase in production by Matt Wieters and Nolan Reimold to go along with Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, and Luke Scott? What about the black holes that are first and third base? Who can fill those spots in 2010?