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Open Thread: Talk Amongst Yourselves

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There's no post-game because none of the mods were able to watch the game last night. And no one who DID watch the game put up any kind of a recap to promote.

But is this really surprising? Was last night's result—the O's facing John Lester at Fenway—anything you didn't expect it to be? Are you shocked that the gamethread had only 86 comments?

I can't tell you much beyond what was in the box score: Guthrie got touched for 5 runs and gave up his AL-leading 23rd homer. The top half of the order (1-4) went 3-for-19, while the bottom 5 guys went 7-for-18 with two walks. Go figure.

Today Rickey Henderson will be enshrined in Cooperstown as a first-balloter, while Red Sox  "legend" Jim Rice goes in on a kind of pity vote—it was his last year of eligibility. Rickey's induction reminds me of one of my favorite posts ever on CC. Baxk in May of this year, Baysox39 suggested we bring in RIckey to work with baserunners. BPinOK'brilliant reply

He may very well be a good teacher but somehow I just can’t imagine Rickey helping out much.

“You see Brian, when Rickey is being Rickey, Rickey be stealin’ bases. Rickey watches Rickey’s back so the pitcher don’t pick Rickey off. If Rickey thinks Rickey might be picked off Rickey says to Rickey, “Hey Rickey! Get back!” If Rickey don’t tell Rickey to get back soon enough Rickey usually takes off and steals the bag for Rickey anyway. Brian, you need three things to successfully steal a base. 1. Rickey’s speed. 2. Rickey’s quick step. 3. Rickey watching Rickey’s back to tell Rickey when to “go” and when to “get back.” Any questions?"

If you're near a TV set at 12:30 EDT today, RIckey's induction speech might well be worth your time, and certainly more entertaining than anything that might happen in Fenway an hour later. 

Anyway, this is an open thread. Feel free to chat here until gametime later today, which is at 1:35 EDT.