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Open Thread: Monday, July 27

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Four days to the trade deadline. What will Andy do?

Sir Links-a-lot sez:

  • Tillman on the way. getxstoked first broke the news in a fanshot on Saturday (the original source of the story was The Sun). Despite the fact that Diamond Dave won't confirm it, Tillman is now listed as Wednesday's probable starter on the Orioles' official website
  • Despite some evidence that Jeremy Guthrie pitches better to catchers not named Matt WietersTrembley has no plans to pair him specifically with ZAUN in the future (
  • It's a little light out there in terms of Oriole news. But hey, you can read the Beaver County Times' profile of high-A Frederick pitcher Nathan Nery, whom I've never heard of. He was our 18th-round draft pick this year. 
  • Former Oriole southpaw Érik Bédard has an ERA of 2.82 this year and a WHIP of a measly 1.19. As of Sunday, he also has his second trip to the DL (, after coming off it less than three weeks ago
  • Our starter tonight, Rich Hill, grew up in Milton, MA, and would have liked to have pitched at Fenway. But it was not to be. Nonetheless, he's "confident he'll settle down." Hmm, is that what they're calling the trip to Norfolk these days?

Jibber jabber.