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Open Thread: Tuesday, July 28

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Tick tock, Clarice MacPhail. 

Very little in the way of overnight news.


  • I'd like to post a story of Rich Hill being DFA'd, but alas, he made up some BS about a hurt shoulder last night (MASN), and is still around. It bugs the crap out of me when guys do this. "Oh, it's been hurting me all season." Well, then you're an a**hole for not saying something sooner, you total douche. "I don't regret pitching through this and taking the ball." Maybe you don't, but we do. 
  • TRADE WINDS: The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Jim Hendry is expected to make some kind of move this week, and Never-A-Doubt Georgie is certainly a potential target. Ken Rosenthal at says the Phillies are also interested in Sherrill, that Aubrey Huff will be difficult to move given his slump (thanks for the insight, Ken!), and that Carlos Guillen's temporary move to DH may dampen Detroit's interest in Luke Scott
  • If you don't have a chance to see the Orioles in Camden Yards, you can apparently spot them in Perth.

Do you hear the lambs, Andy?