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Open Thread, Wednesday, July 29

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Meal before Zaun! (Andy Cook, Baltimore Sun)
Meal before Zaun! (Andy Cook, Baltimore Sun)

No matter how badly you're hung over from last night's extra-innings loss (in which the O's left 11 men—11 men!—on base), the arrival of young Chris Tillman this evening should cheer you up. And Jason Berken turned in a nice start last night...although it was only the Royals.

  • Not cheered up is The Sun's grumpy Peter Schmuck, however, who lives up to his surname by saying the fans are "restless", Trembley is "under fire", and if Tillman doesn't deliver, it's okay to be "skeptical" of Andy MacPhail's plan:

Lots of fans have put their trust in MacPhail's plan, which was never meant to produce a contending team in 2009, but part of that plan was for the team to begin showing signs of life during the final months of this season.

Really Peter? When did Andy say "begin showing signs of life during final months" was a priority? Maybe that was just your plan, not his. If we're not going to win this year, wouldn't it be best if we just let the kids learn how to pitch and not dump the weight of the world on their shoulders? [UPDATE: Retracted, per drj's post in the thread below. Apprently, MacPhail said just that: "One of my goals for the next half is not to go through that swoon at the end of the year that we’ve gone through the last several years of this franchise. To me you avoid that by depth. And I’m hopeful that we’ve added to the depth of the franchise and hopefully we’ll have a better finish in the second half than we’ve had the last several years"]. Thanks for keeping me honest, drj!

  • Also in The Sun, Dan Connolly says no deals are likely to happen with the exception of Sherrill. Two attractive trade partners who could dangle promising third basemen are the Dodgers (Josh Bell, hitting .300 at AA Chattanooga), and Angels (Brandon Wood, who hit .313 at AAA Salt Lake before being promoted to the majors this month).
  • It's apparently not for lack of trying: The Detroit News confirms that the Tigers would like to pry away Luuuuuuuuke Scott, but the Orioles have been reluctant to part with him, as he is penciled in to take over for Aubrey Huff at first base next year. However, the Tigers might dangle Jeff Larish, a 26 year-old natural first baseman who is "developing" as a power hitter, in an effort to make the deal happen.
  • The OC register says Andy's price tag may be too high: that the Orioles are "reportedly seeking more than one high-level prospect for Sherrill". However, in which can only be seen as good timing for MacPhail, the Angels' formerly untouchable closer Brian Fuentes blew a save Monday night, got huffy and wouldn't speak to reporters, and then blew another save last night.
  • Details of the ESPN Cook-off won by ZAUN's enchiladas (Sun).

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Oh, and since there was no post-game recap last night,