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GameThread: Orioles (35-44) @ Angels (43-34)

Given our recent history with the Texas Rangers, usually I'd say those guys can go take a flying leap, but I so loathe watching the Angels play (no offense, Angels fans) and would so like to see someone else from the AL West in the playoffs this year that I'd really extra love for the Orioles to go out there and essentially give the Rangers a helping hand and beat this team whenever possible.

That goes for you, too, rest of baseball besides the Yankees and Red Sox.

Neither of today's pitchers have available widgets in our system, so let's talk turkey on these turkeys.

David Hernandez (1-2, 4.19/1.81) is back, taking Koji's spot in the rotation. I sort of want to call him "D-Bo." I don't know why, really. I will say that as much as it stinks to see Koji hurting and out of the rotation, I'm glad we're in a position where the guy being called up is one with actual upside.

Ervin Santana (1-3, 7.47/1.85) is also back from the minors. This guy is an enigma wrapped in wrapping. He showed tons of promise in his first two seasons, was awful in 2007, great last year, and now is the worst he's ever been. In his 31.1 innings pitched this season, batters are hitting .344 off of him. This could get offensive.