An Ode to Flat Breezy

Ode to Flat Breezy

It seems like we hardly knew ye, Flat Breezy,

We'll miss you here in Bawlmer, for sheezy.

Your hat with its strangely unbendable brim,

And how you saved games that looked so grim

(At least most of the time it went that way,

Not the least of which being Birdland Day).

Even when you walked three in a row,

One, two, three batters you'd suddenly mow.

With an unforgettable role in Orioles Magic,

Now bereft of an encore. Just a bit tragic!

So good luck to you, our ninth-inning reaper;

We hope in return we got a great sleeper.

But as far as it goes in old Ball-tee-more

Ol' Georgie, you can safely be sure

That your time with us we'll always remember

And we'll root for you if you pitch in November!

There's one final thing that I know to be true:

You don't look like Vin Diesel; HE looks like YOU.

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