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Orioles 0, Mariners 5: Matlock marathon tonight?

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That's the number for the night. It's the number of baserunners the Orioles managed against Jarrod Washburn and the Mariners. One. One Nick Markakis single was all this team could muster, after scoring 6 against the Angels two nights out of three. I'm guessing there was a Matlock marathon on TBS, and the guys decided to start their clubhouse TV viewing early, rather than waiting until the 5th or so. I could go over the Seattle scoring, but after Russell Branyan's 1st inning homer, does it really matter? That one was all they needed.

Oh, I know all about Washburn's numbers for the year. But this was embarrassing. One hit? Really?

I'm posting a MBP poll for one simple reason - Kam Mickolio was promoted from AAA today and comes in and strikes out Ichiro Suzuki on 3 pitches.

One. One baserunner. One hit. One more aggravating, frustrating loss in a season that's still got a long way to go. At least it took less than 135 minutes to play.

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