What a bummer

So I'm going to Boston this weekend to see the Red Sox vs the Royals. We're going to the Sunday game, and I was just wondering if I might possibly get to see Zack Greinke and thus perhaps a Royals win. I went to the probable pitchers page and see....

Thursday: Luke Hochevar vs. Brad Penny (so far so good)

Friday: Brian Bannister vs. Jon Lester (still have a chance)

Saturday: Gil Meche vs. John Smoltz (all right! I will probably get to see Greinke!)

Sunday: Bruce Chen vs. Josh Beckett (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

I guess if I was paying any attention to the Royals I'd know that Greinke pitched last night, but still, what a letdown. And I mean seriously, Bruce Chen? Of all the pitchers!

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