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Monday Open Thread: Where did I put those links?

DAMMIT. I can't find my Orioles links anywhere.


C"mon man, think! What to do?


Got it! I'll just throw some other links up and see if anyone notices?


"Maybe if I make an ANGRY FACE it will save our season."

Yanks Top Sox, Complete Sweep --
The Yankees outpitched the Red Sox all weekend. When they had to outslug them, they did that, too.

Red Sox in Trouble as Playoff Hopes Dwindle | Bleacher Report
Well this week, it looks like the Red Sox playoff hopes are dwindling, so today I will look at their problems and how to resolve them...

Boston's pitching depth evaporates - Tom Verducci -
Smoltz, in the wake of one of the worst of his 474 big league starts Thursday night for Boston against the Yankees, gets designated for assignment, essentially cut from the Red Sox in what could be a humbling end to a Hall of Fame career. 

Tide Turning for Worse for Red Sox After Crushing Losses - Boston Red Sox -
The rest of the rotation is in shambles. John Smoltz is done (for now, at least), Clay Buchholz has been shaky, Tim Wakefield can't feel his leg and Brad Penny has hardly tasted the seventh inning all year.

[NB: I'm SURE I can find some fresh Orioles links tomorrow, but you'll just have to enjoy these substitutes for today.]

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