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Tuesday Open Thread

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Bergesen throws for first time since injury | News
Baltimore rookie starter Brad Bergesen has shed the crutches that he needed after suffering a bruised left shin, and he threw on the side Monday for the first time since his injury.

O's Matusz looking forward to home debut -
Matusz will make his OPACY debut against the LAAAOCCA Saturday.

Breaking News: Orioles Sign Three Early Picks - MVN Outsider
With just seven days left to sign draft picks, the Baltimore Orioles signed three of their early draft selections, inking RHP Randy Henry (4th round/South Mountain CC), LHP Ashur Tolliver (5th round/Oklahoma City), and RHP Ryan Berry (9th round/Rice) to their first professional contracts.

No news on SS Mychal Givens, however.  

Killer B's: Brandon Erbe is named Eastern League pitcher of the Week, Brandon Snyder is the International League Batter of the Week, and Brian Matusz is the Eastern League's player of the Month

Hairston, Epitome of Role Player, Tries to Keep Game Simple -
A nice article on how Jerry Hairston, Jr. has stayed in the game due to his versatility. I always liked Jerry; the guy is a class act. 

Cabrera inked to a minor league deal | Arizona Diamondbacks Community
Danny Cabs officially joins the D-Backs.

I hope this post will look okay tomorrow morning, but the SBN Preview function is now on the fritz, so I have no idea.

This is your Open Thread.