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Wednesday Open Thread

ebbets field
ebbets field

Early night for me tonight, and there's a dearth of O's news out there anyway, so here's your hasty clippings post:

O's set Arizona Fall League roster | News
1B Brandon Snyder, OF Matt Angle, RHP Brandon Erbe, 3B Joshua Bell, RHP Ryohei Tanaka, RHP Josh Perrault, RHP Eddie Gamboa, and 1B Brandon Waring will represent the Orioles this year in the AFL.

Carroll County Times: Westminster, Maryland
The Carroll County Times tries to put a positive spin on 2006 first-rounder Billy Rowell's chances.

Adam Loewen On A Baseball Comeback | EndScore
Since the All Star break, Loewen's average is just below .300 with a .471 slugging percentage.

....and, that's all I got.

Oh, one more: 70 years ago today saw the first ever broadcast of a Major League Baseball game: a doubleheader, actually, between the Reds and the Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

This is your Open Thread. If you love it, set it free.

[Addendum: R.I.P. Ted Kennedy.]

Edit by Stacey: Here's your snapshot game recap!

Last night's 7-6 loss to the Twins was one of the ugliest games I've seen, and not just by the Orioles. 10 pitchers, 13 walks (including three with the bases loaded), and 19 men left on base, not to mention Felix Pie's base running, which was so awful even Melvin Mora couldn't watch. Kam Mickolio picked a bad time to give up his first run as Delmon Young (he of the .290 OBP) singled in the winning run in the bottom of the 9th, his 4th hit of the game.

For a full recap, I direct you to Paul Folkemer's story on Orioles Hangout. I love Paul's recaps, and if you missed the game he'll give you the full flavor of the disaster.