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You had me at Melmo: And oh, yeah, there was a game last night, too.

It was a dark and stormy Melmo….

It was the best of Melmo, it was the worst of Melmo…

You had me at Melmo.

Last night ended on an unexpectedly down note, with me yelling "No! No! No!" at my TV screen as Andy Marte drove a pitch deep into the night to provide the 5-4 lead that would serve as the final score. But we will not remember the game for that. Oh, no.

This was a Melmoment to savor in Camden Chat Gamethread history.

You could argue getxstoked started it all at with "MELMOSITY!" But the true beginning of last night greatness started a few Melmoments later, when Wieters Weiners posted this simple classic:


It gathered Melmomentum from there. Timmy L. came back with "We Like Melmo," a parody of Gen. David D. Eisenhower’s 1952 campaign slogan, "I Like Ike." And boy howdy, did it go downhill from there.

MELMO: Building a bridge to the 21st century

54 - 40 or MELMO!!!

A melmo in every pot

yes melmo can!

Tippecanoe and Melmo too

You just need to go back and read the rest, folks.

As for the game, our new patron saint, Melvin Mora, actually did quite well. He went 3-4 with a HR, 2 R, and 1 RBI. But after the game, he said his biggest regret was a timeout he didn’t call. From The Sun:

Seconds before Orioles closer Jim Johnson reared back to throw a ninth-inning, two-out fastball that would undo an entire night's worth of hard work, Melvin Mora had one thought running through his head: Call timeout!

Mora noticed that Cleveland Indians first baseman Andy Marte had opened his stance just a hair and was going to try to crank the next pitch over the left-field fence. In that instant, Mora wanted to freeze frame his pitcher and walk to the mound. He would tell Johnson to relax, take a deep breath and bust Marte inside. The Orioles would then wrap up a much-needed victory.

But Mora was the one who was frozen. He couldn't get the words out in time.

"I was really upset with myself," Mora said.

Somehow, I think we’ll find it in our hearts to forgive him. After all...


"We'll always have Melmo. We didn't have, we, we lost it until you came to Casablanca. We got Melmo back last night."