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Open Thread for Monday

I'm at work so don't have time for a linky post, so here's your bare bones open thread. Three things for this super short post:

  • Brian Matusz will probably be tomorrow night's starting pitcher. There's been a lot of debate on if it's the right move or not, but I'm going to do my best to just enjoy it. This truly has been an amazing year for major league debuts.  Dan Connolly at the Sun asks, "Who's debut excited you the most?" My answer is Chris Tillman, although it was sort of a letdown.
  • What do we think happens to Melvin, short term? Will his whining get him more playing time or more bench time? Will he get released before the season is over?
  • Dave Johnson says that if Stephen Strasburg doesn't sign with the Nats, it's because he doesn't have passion for baseball.