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The Baltimore Orioles: Cure to Losing Streaks Everywhere

David Hernandez is bad, and appears to be getting worse with each start. Another start, two more home runs, and an Orioles loss. He wasn't the only pitcher to blame, of course. The increasingly miserable Brian Bass did his part, giving up 3 runs 1.1 innings. Only two were earned, but seeing as how the error was Bass', I don't see any need to cut him some slack. It was like little league out there tonight, with Brian Bass throwing the ball all over the place and Jim Palmer playing the role of frustrated dad on the sidelines. "NO! Don't throw it!!!"

The offense got to David Price in the 2nd inning, scoring 4 runs on a couple groundouts with the help of an Evan Longoria error. Price shut them down after that, though, and ended up pitching 7 innings without allowing another run.

O's 4, Rays 8. One losing streak ends, will another begin?