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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Wieters discusses the walkoff (video)-
Wieters was looking fastball, and he got one. "They gave me confidence to swing away and I was going to look for a fastball early and try to put a good swing on it, and I was fortunate enough that it carried out," he said. "It's a situation where you might bunt, but he gave me the sign to swing away and try and drive something. -zk

Hendrickson rejoins Orioles rotation Thursday -
"He's been three guys in one," Orioles manager Dave Trembley said. "I think he really had to wear all three of those hats and he did a very nice job with it." Hendrickson will bring a 5-4 record and a 4.43 ERA into Thursday's game. He's back in the rotation because the Orioles have shut down rookie Brian Matusz. -zk

Reimold held out of starting lineup again | News
Manager Dave Trembley gave Nolan Reimold a day off on Tuesday and held him out of the starting lineup again on Wednesday, as the rookie deals with an Achilles injury. -zk

Rays' rookie starters will finish out year | News
The Rays rotation includes rookies Jeff Niemann, Wade Davis and David Price, but manager Joe Maddon doesn't believe any of them will be shut down before the end of the season. In fact, Joe Maddon thinks the Orioles are a bunch of p*ssies. Ok, not really. -zk

The Frederick News-Post Online - Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper
Brandon Waring, Caleb Joseph and Zach Britton have been to Camden Yards before, but Wednesday's trip was a special one for the three players who were with the Frederick Keys this year. They were there to be honored by the Orioles for their play this season. Also honored was Brian Matusz, who began the season with the Keys and was part of the Orioles rotation late this year. -zk

Waring happy he has O's attention --
When he was traded to the Orioles organization in December as part of the Ramon Hernandez deal, Brandon Waring was hoping just to get noticed by his new employers. -zk


Hoiles keeping busy -
Have you ever wanted to go hunting with Chris Hoiles, Will Clark, Ben McDonald, and Jamie Walker? Here's your chance. -Stacey
More on this story from the York Daily Record, and from Hoiles' own website, I don't even hunt, but it looks totally sweeeeet.... -zk

Blount County (TN) eyed for multi-million dollar baseball, softball complex
Blount County might be getting a multi-million dollar baseball and softball complex which officials believe could attract a steady stream of tourists and tax dollars....Baseball, LLC hired Ripken Design in August to conduct a feasibility study. Ripken Design is retired Baltimore Orioles shortstop and third baseman Cal Ripken Jr.'s professional design and consulting firm, which specializes in the feasibility and design of amateur and professional sports facilities. -zk

IBAF Notes on 8th Day of Baseball World Cup - World Cup 2009 - Mister Baseball
Did you know there's a baseball World Cup going on right now? Neither did I. But there ya go....ORIOLES PROSPECTS LEADING THE WAY FOR PUERTO RICO, SPAIN: The Orioles have three players in this World Cup, and all three are making an impact for their respective countries. Daniel and Paco Figueroa are leading Spain in hitting and were key factors in Monday’s landmark win over Venezuela, while Puerto Rico’s Miguel Abreu is leading his team in hitting (.450, 7 runs scored three doubles). Paco Figeuroa leads the team with a .526 average, while Daniel is hitting at a .364 pace. -zk

Orioles catcher Parra handed 50-game ban
Baltimore Orioles minor league catcher Freuny Parra was suspended for 50 games on Wednesday after testing. Say g'bye to your career with the O's, Freuny. -zk

Boston Red Sox - Things falling into place for Red Sox - The Boston Globe
FINALLY. Ok, this one's personal. Dan Shaughnessy is a major douchebag. Has always been one. He's a crap journalist whose schtick is basically, "Say outrageous shit to sell papers". Kind of like the Glenn Beck of PHN. He's probably most famous for his inept column in 2005 bragging that the AL East was a "runaway" for the Red Sox (immediately afterwards, the Sox had a one of their classic swan dives: the Yankees surpassed them for the AL Crown, and although the Sox got the wild card, the White Sox swept them in the playoffs. Nice one, Dan), although he'd have you think it's for misty-eyed bullshit books he writes about the "mystique," or whatever.Should you be interested in more illustrations of what a hack he is, there's an entire blog devoted to how much he sucks.

Aaaaanyway, in classic form in the article above, Dan impersonates every douchebag Sox fan you've ever met and says

All of Boston’s other games are against teams that have quit: Orioles, Royals, Blue Jays, and Indians....The Orioles, meanwhile, are an annual disgrace. The Red Sox are 13-2 against their Baltimore cousins this year. The Sox hit five home runs in the first three innings of a 10-0 win over the Orioles last week. The Sox were laughing at the O’s. Think there will be much resistance in Camden Yards this weekend?

I know, right? What an A-HOLE. I guess somehow taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees and another 2/2 (so far) from the Rays counts as "quitting"?

I know that a sweep of the Red Sox this weekend might be a little much to ask, but I do hope that some player, somewhere, posts this article on the bulletin board at OPACY. Because that's just a beyond-dickish thing to say.

And even if the players never see the article, at least you have. So, if you're bored at work today, you might want to send this ass-clown an email at, and let him know what you think of his scribbling. You know, if you're in the mood, and you have a strong stomach. -zk