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Adam Jones possibly out for the rest of the year

From Roch Kubtako:

Though the swelling in Adam Jones' left ankle has been reduced, it's still possible that he's played his last game in 2009.

Jones suffered a bad sprain while scrambling back to first base last night. He's projected to miss two-to-three weeks, but it could be longer.

"Jones is going to be out indefinitely," manager Dave Trembley said. "I couldn't tell you when or if he'll come back.

"It's not a pleasant feeling to lose a player the caliber of Jones going down the stretch. There's no one who's made as much improvement from one year to the next as Jones. I think everybody can attest to that. And you lose a guy like that in the middle of your lineup and the middle of your diamond and the middle of your clubhouse, that's a major blow. Major."

Read the rest of the gruesome details on Roch's blog.

Well, this sucks. Adam had been slumping and I really wanted him to have a chance to turn it on for the rest of the year. This effectively makes Pie the everyday CF and Jeff Fiorentino the 4th OF. I guess the bright side is that in another lost year, at least Felix Pie will be given a chance to be properly evaluated.

I think we are all going to have to accept that Adam Jones is the type of player that gets hurt a lot, although at least a few of his injuries are of the freak variety (foul ball on the foot, twisted ankle on a base).

I'm bummed, though. I love watching that kid play, even when he does frustrate me to no end with his silly strikeouts.

Adam's thoughts on his injury, as transcribed by Roch:

Jones wants to be optimistic. The first words out of his mouth were, "It's a tough injury, but to me, I see myself playing. It's a matter of when. It's a joint. You really can't determine when."

Jones said his entire foot is swollen now, as opposed to only the ankle last night. He's receiving ice treatments, but there isn't much more that the training staff can do for him at this point. The swelling will have to go down. The ankle obviously is sore to the touch.

"Sucks. It just sucks, to me," Jones said. "It's something you can't control. Your playing, everything's going so fast, you never know what could happen. It was just unfortunate, something I'll have to deal with."

I'll assume that grammatical error belongs to Roch, not Adam :-)