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Monday Bird Droppings

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Markakis: 'I'm in a funk' --
Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis is adamant that he's had much tougher stretches in the big leagues, regardless of what the numbers suggest. -zk

Even Dave knows Berken sucked Sunday - 
"The quality of Berken's pitches just weren't there in the first inning. Walked Ellsbury to lead the game off, and just didn't have the quality of pitches he's had his last couple starts. Give up 10 hits in the first three innings, we get behind 7-0. That's not what you're looking for the last game of the series..." -duck

Carroll County Times: Westminster, Maryland
“I have pitched terrible,” Guthrie said after Friday night’s loss to Boston. “I have had up and down streaks. At the start, when I felt good, I got no breaks, and then I felt poorly, felt out of whack and continued to get no breaks. I continued to pitch well at times, but I have never really been able to pitch the way I know I can,” Guthrie said. -zk

Ryne Sandberg setting himself up for big-league managing job -
"As quiet as Sandberg was as a player, he has a take-charge style as a manager -- he was ejected from Game 1 of the Southern League championship series -- and doesn't mind being outspoken, especially about the need for players to respect their sport. He took swipes at Sammy Sosa in his Hall of Fame induction speech and reiterated this year that he doesn't believe Sosa or others tied to steroids should be voted into the Hall. His appeal might be best for a rebuilding franchise with young players. That certainly would be the case with the Nationals and Orioles, as well as the Indians." -duck

Two Teams, 200 Losses -
"Entering the weekend, the Nationals were on pace for 107 losses and the Orioles were on pace for 95 -- which means we could be the first two-team market to suffer through a combined 200-plus losses since Philadelphia in 1945." For some reason, The Washington Post thinks Baltimore's a suburb of Washington and we're a two-team market. We're not. -duck

Baez wonders about 2010, Guthrie laments poor 2009 -
"We haven't talked, they haven't told me anything," Danys Baez said. "I don't know if they'd be interested in a veteran free agent like me. I don't know what's going to happen." -duck

Orioles activate Montanez amid dance lesson -
Lou Montanez was taking a dance lesson in Miami when he got the call to come to Baltimore. (Yes, it's old news, but did you know he was taking a dance lesson when he found out? Only here at CC, people) -duck


Lollygagging costs Escobar --
ATLANTA - Braves manager Bobby Cox pulled Yunel Escobar from the Braves ' 9-4 loss to the Phillies after the shortstop failed to run out a grounder in the first inning on Friday night. Just a cautionary tale for that slacker, Brian Roberts. -zk


Sherrill sparkles --
Sherrill sparkles Veteran reliever George Sherrill, who was acquired by the Dodgers in late July from the last-place Baltimore Orioles, is making the most of his new surroundings. The left-hander has been dominant since his arrival July 30. Before Sunday's game, Sherrill had given up only one run in 23 appearances with the Dodgers for an earned-run average of 0.42. Sherrill threw another scoreless inning Sunday against the Giants, and he's one reason why the Dodgers' bullpen had the lowest ERA (3.12) in the big leagues. -zk

Hunting and fishing with Chris Hoiles and friends (Mortgage your house for this one) -
But these days, when the former Orioles catcher thinks about hunting and fishing, he conjures up a different vision. One with gourmet Cajun cooking, a lodge with a cathedral ceiling in the living room and "nightly cocktail hours." You can be a part of his picture next month. For $2,900. -duck

MLB awards very much up in air -
No starting pitcher has won a Cy Young Award with fewer than 16 victories after a non-strike season. But the best pitchers in both leagues, the Royals' Zack Greinke and the Giants' Tim Lincecum, are sitting at 14 apiece. Their remaining starts will determine if they force voters to consider lowering another standard. -duck

Our magic number is still 3.  And this is an Open Thread.