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Thursday Bird Droppings

Hole deepens for Guthrie, O's -

"In another season of consistent failure, the Orioles hit a new low Wednesday night by reaching a season high with their 7-3 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. It marked their seventh consecutive defeat, their worst skid in a 2009 season that has been futile for months." Wow, that'll cheer you up this morning, huh? -duck

Aubrey's a different option at first --

"As the season wanes and his options shrink, Orioles manager Dave Trembley said he has to decide what type of team to put onto the field. If Trembley is looking for defense, then rookie Michael Aubrey will get the call at first base, which he has done in three consecutive games, instead of a more traditional power bat such as Luke Scott's or Ty Wigginton's." -duck

O's on Deck: O's minor leaguers in '09 -- Catchers

"Based on this season’s numbers, as well as the potential that they’ll contribute in the major leagues in the future, I’d put the catchers in the following order..." C'mon, you know you have to go read the article! -duck

Cox to retire as skipper after '10 season | News

"Braves manager Bobby Cox has never been one to seek great fanfare. But he's definitely going to experience it next year, as he enjoys the final season of his illustrious managerial career." He may not have won as many World Series as pundits thought he should, but for my money, he's the best manager of the last 25 years. Who's done more with less? Dude won with Sid Breem as a starter in his infield. Sid Breem. Go Google that one, folks. -duck Due date on decision on Diamond Dave delivered 

Roch says: "If you're waiting for an announcement on whether Dave Trembley returns as Orioles manager in 2010, circle the last two days of the regular season on your calendar. Or the first two after the season ends. It seems unlikely that we'll hear anything while the Orioles finish up their final road trip. "As I've always said, no departure from the schedule that was really set months ago," Andy MacPhail, president of baseball operations, said yesterday as we sat in his office on the third floor of the warehouse. "Either a couple days before or after, I'd say."  Dave, I hope you've been renting. -duck Reimold update 

Roch says: "Nolan Reimold underwent successful surgery today in Baltimore to repair a frayed Achilles tendon. Doctors also shaved a bump on his heel that was rubbing on the tendon. Reimold will be examined again in 12-14 days. He'll soon return to his Pennsylvania home." That's the entire article. Click to give MASN the page hits, but that's the info. -duck

Explore Howard: The Driver's Seat / Traded by Orioles, Sherrill nearly perfect for Dodgers

"Sherrill did not allow a run in his first 14 outings with the Dodgers, then gave up a home run against Arizona on Aug. 31. He has not been scored upon in his first nine games in September. Entering Wednesday’s game, Sherrill was 0-0 with one save and an ERA of 0.40 in 24 games with the Dodgers and had allowed just 15 hits with 18 strikeouts and nine walks in 22 1/3 innings." All I'm saying is, Joshua Bell better be GOOD. -duck

Open Thread's time has come. Like Constantinople or Rome before it the city has become a breeding ground for suffering and injustice. It is beyond saving and must be allowed to die. This is the most important function of the League of Shadows. It is one we've performed for centuries. Open Thread...must be destroyed.