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Indians 4, Orioles 2: Lucky #8

I don't have a detailed recap in me tonight. For one thing, that game sucked and I've written about so many sucky games this year that whatever. Secondly I've had several adult beverages that don't lend themselves to oodles of typing. So here's what you need to know.

  • Home Run Hernandez only gave up one HR tonight, a solo shot in the 5th inning. Young David actually pitched pretty well this evening, at least relative to his usual bloodbath. He allowed just 2 earned runs as the third run scored during his outing was due to a throwing error by Melvin Mora. Thanks, Melvin.
  • Matt Albers continues to stink. I mean, I don't know what the alternative is because they all stink out there in the bullpen. The 4th run of the game scored when Matt Albers walked some Indian with the bases loaded.
  • The Orioles had lots of chances to score but couldn't take advantage. Michael Aubrey looked pretty good but when you bat in front of Cesar Izturis you don't get many chances to score.
  • Felix Pie is hurt. I don't know the final verdict but it looked bad. The look on my poor Felix's face was awful, just awful. He had to be helped off the field without putting any weight on his left leg. It looked like he messed up his quad perhaps running to first. Looks like it'll be Screech and Lou from here on out (deal with it).
  • Nick Markakis hit a home run. That was nice.

I think that's it. O's lose their 8th in a row. They need to go 3-6 over their final 9 games to avoid 100 losses. If they reach that ugly landmark it will be the first time since 1988 and only the third time since the franchise came to Baltimore in 1954.