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Saturday Bird Droppings

The All-Time 9 | Fan Forum
I'm sure it's been mentioned in Bird Droppings before, but it's worth a visit to the website to vote on the All-Time 9 for the Orioles. -duck

Unleashed: Orioles calendar dog found!!! -
"Yay! Cuji, Ms. October for the 2010 Orioles calendar has been found!" So, The Sun apparently has a blog just on pets and pet owners. My life suddenly feels fulfilled... -duck (as an aside, I can't wait for October so I can turn the page of my O's and their pets calendar. I'm so over Jason Berken's mug on my wall. -Stacey)

Orioles Team Report - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
"Manager Dave Trembley’s job may be on the line down the stretch. Sports radio in Baltimore has been fueling the fire with heavy speculation. Orioles president Andy MacPhail will wait until the season’s final weekend to make a decision on Trembley’s future." Just another bright, sunny day on Orioles Cul-de-Sac, huh? -duck

O's on Deck: O's minor leaguers in '09 (First basemen)
"Here is how I would rank the top five first basemen in the Orioles' minor league system, as well as a few other players who could be in the discussion." Not much surprise at the top, and the #1 and #2 guys share the same first name. Not exactly M. NIght Shyamalan materials as a surprise, though. -duck

O's 2000 fire sale -
The Sun looks back at all the chess pieces that moved during the 2000 season, most notably the o's acquiring Melvin Mora. Seems we were still playing checkers while everyone else was going against Garry Kasparov. -duck

Rookie Parade | San Francisco Examiner
More rookies have made starts this year than any year in modern baseball history, with the Orioles contributing 91. -Stacey

Nolan speaks -
A few gross details about his achilles and bursa sac (ew), but sounds like he'll be good as new in no time. -Stacey

Jake feels left out - Carroll County Times
He wants to be in the majors too! But don't worry, he still says all the right things. Hopefully we'll see you in 2010, Jake. -Stacey

I'm not a killer. I'm just someone who wanted to make things right. Can't I just let myself forget what you've told me? Can't I just let myself forget what you've made me do? You think I just want another puzzle to solve? Another Open Thread to look for? You're a Open Thread. So you can be my Open Thread.