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Two More Losses

I didn't see the game today or last night. I barely have the heart (or stomach) to even read any recaps. In today's game Chris Tillman got knocked around, leaving after just two innings. The O's only managed 5 hits off of Indians starter David Huff. The grisly details can be found at the Sports Network Recap.

Last night's game was a little more exciting, I suppose. Jim Johnson continues to look like garbage. Jason Berken also. Here's the recap.

Prior to last week's series with the Red Sox the Orioles were playing hard and not looking half bad. Maybe they just couldn't recover from that, I don't know. All I know is they are getting more and more miserable every day.

The Orioles have now lost 10 in a row, their 95th of the year. They need to go 3-4 over their final 7 games to avoid 100 losses.

For the football fans in the crowd, I hope your team of choice is giving you some joy so far as your baseball team certainly isn't. My condolences to the Redskins fans.