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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Maryland's Outstanding Blogs -

   Don't forget to vote for Camden Chat in the Mobbies! Remember you can vote once per day. -Stacey

DC Landing Strip: Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Baseball Jesus?

   There's a new member of the blogOsphere, DC Landing Strip. Check them out when you get a chance. I'd seen their link before but was a bit hesitant to click through at work just in case (because you know, that title could go a couple ways). They also write about the Redskins, but that's ok. After all, we all worship the same Wieters. -Stacey

With fate hanging in balance, Trembley soldiers on --

   Trembley awaits his fate. -Stacey

Rotation Change -

   Chris Waters officially replaces Chris Tillman. That's all I have to say about that. -Stacey

Roar from 34: The Eutaw Street Chronicles: Mo Vaughn - July 7, 1996
Another entry in the Eutaw Street Chronicles, which is one of my favorite things (in case you didn't see when I said that the 500 other times). -Stacey

Q&A with Dave Johnson on the 1989 Orioles --

   "I run into people all the time, being from here, and they like to talk about the "Why Not?" team rather than the 1996 and '97 teams, even though they went to the playoffs. Players overachieved and there were a lot of guys no one ever heard of and never heard of after that. It's definitely a year fans cherish." That, and we like to think no one did 'roids on the '89 team. We're probably wrong, but it's nice to think that way. -duck

Orioles' Roberts joins elite group | News

   "With a free pass to lead off the sixth inning against David Huff, Roberts became just the fifth player since 1900 to register three straight seasons with 25 stolen bases, 50 doubles, 70 walks and 100 runs scored." These are the things you cling to as an Orioles fan. -duck 

Catcher Sal Fasano plays for son who has heart condition -

   One day. That's all Sal Fasano needed in the bigs this year to help his littlest boy. And he didn't get it. I'm telling ya, have some Kleenex nearby when you read this one. -duck

I'm happy that Waffle House was okay with me coming here to talk to y'all about my day-to-day. And, y'all, that's pretty much, in a shell what it's like to manage a Waffle House. Ma'am, I don't know what else you want me to say to them. And I'm also gonna need to know where your Open Thread's at.