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Rays 5, Orioles 3: I mean, whatever.

David Hernandez did what David Hernandez does, give up home runs. A 3 run HR off the bat of Ben Zobrist (both runners on were walked) and a solo shot by Carl Crawford, to be exact. He left the game with one out in the fifth and in a rare turn of events, the bullpen didn't allow any runs. Brian Bass pitched 2.2 innings and Jim Johnson pitched 1 inning and walked two.

Let's talk about Jim Johnson for a second. This poor guy. He has zero confidence and he looks just miserable at all times. I didn't hear about it until now, but after he blew the game on Saturday he told reporters, "If there is a way to allow a run, I will." The season cannot end soon enough for JJ. It's tougher to watch him struggle than the other guys in the bullpen because I know he can pitch. I just wish that he knew that.

You can add Luke Scott to the 2009 body count. He left the game with a strained foot and Ty Wigginton took his place. Nothing says September in Birdland like Wiggy lumbering around in left field. Can't hate on Wiggy too much, though, as his only AB in the game was a pinch hit, 2 run HR to bring the Orioles to within two. Melvin Mora struck out to end the game, which sucks, but he was also the only Oriole to get more than 1 hit. So there. 

This was the Orioles 98th loss of the year with four games left to go. You do the math, but the end result is likely going to be a 100 loss season.