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Monday Bird Droppings

Your Off-Season O of the Day: BUH DARD (© Andrew Markowitz)
Your Off-Season O of the Day: BUH DARD (© Andrew Markowitz)

Berken holds baseball camp in De Pere, WI
While the camp features everything from pitching and catching, to hitting, fielding and throwing, Berken says he wants kids to learn about life. "The biggest thing we try to teach them is the small things," Berken said. "The thank yous, the pleases, have good manners, show your parents respect. We always talk to the kids about the important of getting good grades so it's a lot more than just baseball." -zk

Cactus League expands from humble roots | News
A nice blurb about the formation of the Cactus League. Did you know the Orioles were one of the original founding teams? -zk

Montanez and Pie -
And update on Lou Montanez and Felix Pie's off-season activities. Andy MacPhail says about Pie, "We like Felix a lot." Me too, Andy. Me too. -Stacey

BAL@TB: Pie's diving catch seals the win for the O's - Video |
Speaking of Felix, please watch for your enjoyment. -Stacey

Aroldis Chapman to sign with the Reds - Yahoo! Sports
A source close to Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman said the pitcher has agreed to a $30M deal with Cincinnati. -Stacey

Huff to the Giants
Aubrey Huff has reportedly signed a 1 year, $3M deal with the San Francisco Giants. Best of luck, Huff Daddy. -Stacey

Liga de Beisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico: Statistics | Carlos Delgado
When Orioles scouts visit Puerto Rico to watch Delgado play this week, they'll see a guy who is 6-for-17 so far this winter; but 5 of the 6 hits are singles (the other hit is a home run), and Delgado has yet to take the field, DHing in his first five games. -zk

Ravens fans raid Razor -
Baltimore gave Boston as taste of its own medicine as the Ravens fans invaded "M&T Bank Stadium North." -Stacey

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