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Mark McGwire admits steroid use. I am shocked. SHOCKED, I say!

As has been reported by a number of outlets, Mark McGwire today admitted that he used steroids and human growth hormone "on and off" for about a decade. 

Well. You don't say. 

I don't really care much about steroids. I mean, they're bad, duh. But the outrage and betrayal I felt when Rafael Palmeiro tested positive has given way to just a dull annoyance that I have to hear about them AGAIN. Pitchers used steroids. Hitters used steroids. Everybody used steroids! At this point I just want to get on with baseball. The hand wringing and media hoopla is frankly more than I can care about. 

When McGwire was hired as the Cardinals hitting coach it became just a matter of time before we heard a statement from him on the issue. It was bound to be a questions asked by reporters and McGwire had to head them off at the pass. 

While for the most part McGwire sounds remorseful in his statement, I roll my eyes mightily at, "I did this for health purposes. There's no way I did this for any type of strength use." Um, ok, Mark. Whatever helps you sleep at night. 

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