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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Andy MacPhail, challenging his outfielders
"(Nolan) Reimold had Achilles surgery," MacPhail said on Friday. "We expect him to be 100 percent, but Adam (Jones) hasn't finished a year healthy and Felix (Pie) hasn't finished a year. Right now, I'm comfortable that we have four guys for three positions because somebody's got to finish the year healthy and show me they're durable enough like Nick (Markakis) to play the whole time." That little nugget was buried in a Roch catch-all column. Sounds to me Andy's sending a pretty loud message to his younger players. Or am I reading too much into this? -duck

Orioles are very interested in Delgado as a first baseman. - The Boston Globe
I don't know who Nick Cafardo is, or how he has the inside scoop, but he seems to think the O's are really gunning for Delgado. -zk

Adam LaRoche may have miscalculated - Circling the Bases - NBC Sports
via Dempsey's Army, just a great quote from Craig Calcaterra -zk

One followup thought to Bob's post on the Huff signing:  How dumb does Adam LaRoche feel right now for turning down a two-year, $17 million from the Giants to be their first baseman? At this point I'm seeing a one-year, $6 million deal in Baltimore in his future. Maybe an option if he's lucky.

No 2011 renovations for Ed Smith Stadium -
"Renovating Ed Smith Stadium for the 2011 spring training season will have to wait until a lawsuit alleging city and county officials broke the law to keep baseball in Sarasota is resolved." Oh, goody, two years in a run-down stadium. What is it with the O's and ST drama? -duck

Don't be too confident that Orioles suit will fail |
Sarasota Herald Tribune columnist Tom Lyons argues that the lawsuit attempting to kill the Orioles' Ed Smith deal may not go away as easily as some think. -zk

Minor League Notes
Thank goodness, the O's have re-signed Scott Moore. -Stacey

Orioles named in Mitchell Report -
The Sun presents a photo gallery of the 19—yes, 19—current and former Orioles players named in the Mitchell Report. Bet you didn't remember Darren Holmes, did you? -zk

Orioles return to WSBA in York, PA
The Baltimore Orioles have signed a "multi-year" deal to have their games heard on WSBA (910 AM) in York PA. The team is returning to the station, where it was heard from 1988 through 2006. WSBA will air most regular season games and select spring training games, beginning in March. -duck

Signs point to Brandon Webb leaving D-Backs after 2010
Brandon Webb didn't take too kindly to Arizona taking back a contract proposal in mid-2008. And apparently, he holds a pretty good grudge, and he's bound and determined to test the market after this season. Early speculation by the AZ media has Baltimore in the mix for his services in 2011. -duck

Devo to be guest at Shorebirds' Hot Stove Dinner
Mike Devereaux, the 2010 Shorebirds' Field Coach; 1995 NLCS Most Valuable Player will be the next confirmed guest of the 2010 Hot Stove Banquet to be held on January 30, from 6 to 10 PM at the Fountains Wedding and Conference Center in Salisbury, MD. -duck

You're hired! Greg Maddux joins Cubs as Jim Hendry's assistant - Big League Stew
"He could just spend his retirement time on the golf course, but Greg Maddux instead has rejoined the Cubs as an assistant to general manager Jim Hendry." -duck

"Come and play with me, Jimmy
Come and play with me.
And I will take you on a trip
Far across the Open Thread."