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Thursday Bird Droppings

Your Off-Season Deity of the Day: Matt Wieters (© Andrew Markowitz)
Your Off-Season Deity of the Day: Matt Wieters (© Andrew Markowitz)

Hill appears headed elsewhere
If Rich Hill is ever going to get his act together it's certainly not going to be in the AL East. It looks like he'll be moving on. Godspeed, Rich Hill. We'll always have that one game that made me think you could pitch. -Stacey

Brent Allar Interview
Jordan (aka Camden Chatter ravensfan3) from Orioles Prospects interviewed 14th round draft pick Brent Allar. Sounds like a good kid. -Stacey

Countdown to Spring Training
Kate Wheeler talks to O's fans who are planning on taking the trip down to Spring Training, including friend of Camden Chat Heath from Dempsey's Army. -Stacey

aub v. memlo
the wayward o's newest O fights! -Stacey

Mets’ Beltran Has Surgery; Could Miss Start to Season -
Which makes you wonder: will this make them take a harder run at Delgado? -zk

MLB committee to study expanded replay, postseason - Yahoo! Sports
The new committee of managers and execs will discuss instant replay and possibly expanding the first round of playoffs to seven games. I'd be all for that in theory because a five game series is even more of a crapshoot than a seven game series, but only if they find a way to have the WS end before the middle of November. -Stacey

Marlins agree to increase team payroll - Yahoo! Sports
This has been out there for a few days but not mentioned here to my knowledge. The Marlins and the players union have agreed that the Marlins have to stop being MLB's charity case and will increase their payroll so that they aren't pocketing the money they get from revenue sharing. -Stacey

Black And Red United - A fan blog in support of DC United
Finally, if you're a DC United fan, check out SB Nation's new blog dedicated to the team. -Stacey

Omar had this one chick pullin' guns out her Open Thread. That [stuff] was unseemly, yo.