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Guess the Opening Day Lineup, win lavish prizes*!

Ok, so it might not be lavish, and it might not be plural, but if you do win, there will be a prize. What's the prize? It's a surprise (or, um, I don't know what it is yet), but it'll of course be Orioles-related and I'm sure you'll cherish it always. Not to mention you'll be able to brag to your friends and family about that time you went on the internet and beat a bunch of losers in their moms' basement at guessing the Orioles Opening Day lineup. What's better than that?

The Rules:

In the comments below, post your predicted Opening Day lineup complete with positions and starting pitcher, plus your answers to the three tie breakers (questions below).  Make it look like this:

1. Brady Anderson - CF
2. Phil Bradley - RF
3. Steve Finley - LF
4. Cal Ripken - SS
5. Larry Sheets - DH
6. Mickey Tettleton - C
7. Jim Traber - 1B
8. Craig Worthington - 3B
9. Rene Gonzales - 2B
Dave Schmidt - P

1. Brady Anderson
2. Cal Ripken
3. Orioles

For each correct position player you'll receive one point. For each correct lineup position you'll receive one point. Total possible is 19 points (all 10 position players, including DH, correct + all 9 lineup spots correct).

You have one week to post yours answers as the comments on this will close at Monday, 25 January as the clock strikes midnight. While you're certainly free to do as you please, I'd encourage you to figure yours out before reading everyone else's predictions.

Feel free to use all current Orioles as well as any potential signings/trades. Put Carlos Delgado at 1B, Jim Thome at DH, Zack Greinke as the SP, whatever you want.

Here are the tiebreaker questions:

1. Who will record the first Orioles hit of 2010?
2. Who will be the first Oriole to strike out?
3. Who will win the game, O's or Rays?

Opening Day Info:

  • When: Tuesday, 6 April 2010 at 7:10 PM
  • Where: Tropicana Field
  • Who: Tampa Bay Rays

Good luck to all! And thanks to Rev Halo at Halos Heaven for the idea. I've said before and I'll say again, I'm not above stealing someone else's good idea.

*changed from "gifts" to "prizes",  just for Titov