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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Just 29 days until Spring Training! (© Andrew Markowitz)
Just 29 days until Spring Training! (© Andrew Markowitz)

Trading Luke or Wiggy for Relief Pitching
Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers says that the Orioles are talking to Crede and that if they sign him, as a result they'll try to trade Wiggy or Luke for relief pitching. You can mark my words that if the Orioles trade Luke Scott for a relief pitcher instead of letting him play 1B and instead stick Garrett Atkins out there, I will freak out. -Stacey

Focused on 3rd base, O's might sign Crede or bring back Tejada -
The return of Miggi? Could be. It'd be a little bit better than Crede, I think. I can't believe Garrett Atkins is gonna be our 1B. -Stacey 

Q&A With Greg Bader
Oriole Post spoke with Greg Bader, the Orioles Director of Communications, about Spring Training, increased ticket prices, and promotions at the Yard this year. -Stacey

The Crystal Ball '10: Adam Jones
Dempsey's Army takes a great look at Adam Jones' career so far and what we might be able to expect from him in 2010. -Stacey

Fan Fest proceeds to go to Haiti relief | News
Hoping to assist with the Haiti relief efforts, the Rays announced Monday they will contribute proceeds from the Tampa Bay Rays 2010 Fan Fest, presented by MetroPCS, to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund and Save the Children. -Stacey

No Power, No Problem as Red Sox Opt for Pitching, Defense -
The Red Sox "see themselves turning into a "Baltimore Orioles circa 1969-71" sort of team." Pardon me while I vomit. -Stacey

Hernandez's reign in Seattle to continue | News
Felix Hernandez has extended 5-6 years with the Mariners for not yet disclosed amount. Hey, whatever keeps him away from the Yankees. -Stacey

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