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Tejada or Crede? Pros and Cons

As indicated in a story in the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles are currently looking at both Joe Crede and Miguel Tejada to play third base in 2010 with the intention of moving Garrett Atkins to 1B. Forgetting the fact that there are about 4 bazillion reasons that putting Atkins at 1B instead of oh, say, Luke Scott is a bad idea, let's say the Orioles are going to get one of these guys to play 3B. Who would you choose?

Let's make a list! Lists always help me decide.

Miguel Tejada
- He doesn't get hurt
- He can backup SS in a pinch, especially if Izzy is out for a few days
- He might be declining, but he can still hit, especially when compared to Crede
- Even with a UZR/150 of -12.4 last year he still ended up with a WAR of 2.6, and 3B is easier than SS.
- When he's playing well and happy he really is fun to watch.
- Brian Roberts would be happy to have him back
- Will be at least 36 years old in 2010. Could possibly be as old as 47.
- 3B is a new position for him
- Sometimes he's a giant baby
- We already broke up with him once, has he really changed enough that we want him back?
- Last year he walked even less then Cesar Izturis. Seriously, you can look it up. Izzy: 4.4%; Miggi: 2.9%
- If Bell is ready to be promoted mid-season, moving Miggi could get ugly to say the least.
Joe Crede
- Dude can pick it at third. That's nice.  Having him and Izzy on the left side of the infield would make for a gem of a defense.
- He is anywhere between 4 and 8 years younger than Miggi.
- If Bell is ready to be promoted mid-season he'll be easy to get rid of.
-Seriously, have you seen him hit? Having Izzy on the left side of the infield as an offensive black hole isn't enough for you people?
- Once, Paul Konerko looked at Joe Crede the wrong way and he had to go on the DL for 45 days.

Decision? I choose neither. Stick Atkins at 3B and let Luke play 1B until you find a real first baseman. Yeah, that doesn't really go with what I wrote above about assuming they sign one of them, but seriously. Neither one of these guys is a good decision, so, much like Kelly Taylor being forced to pick between Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh, I choose me.