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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Matusz wants Bedard
"That would be another great addition if we could end up landing him," Matusz said. "That's a guy that I could look up to, a veteran left-handed pitcher, someone I could learn from." I guess no one told him that when you ask Bedard a question all you get back is some dumb ass answer. -Stacey

Big League Stew Blogbook: Baltimore Orioles
Big League Stew is putting together a blog directory for all 30 baseball teams and the Orioles piece has been released. Even though I know it's alphabetical, I dig that we're first on the list since we're obviously the best. -Stacey

Project to improve drainage in O's dugouts approved -
The Maryland Stadium Authority voted Tuesday to approve a $350,000 project to improve the dugout and tunnel drainage in Oriole Park. Thank goodness. Remember how gross? -Stacey

O's on Deck: Baysox step up to help Haiti earthquake victims
The Baysox are raffling off a pair of season tickets to raise money for UNICEF's efforts in Haiti. $10 a chance. -Stacey

Best stuff of the 2009 rookies
Harry Pavlidis at THT takes a look at rookie pitchers in six categories: Fastest pitches, slowest pitches, whiff rate, ground balls, pop ups, and most pitches in the strike zone. Koji placed fifth in pop-up rate with .222 and Brad Bergesen placed 2nd in pitches in the strike zone. Bergy threw his pitches in the strike zone over 65% of the time. -Stacey

Amber wants to Get it On
Calm down gentlemen of Camden Chat, she's talking about the Orioles getting on with their improvement in 2010. -Stacey

Have you noticed...
Steve Melewski talks about a bunch of stuff, most notably that the Orioles have 9 players on their roster drafted in the 1st or 2nd round: Guthrie, Matusz, Tillman, Aubrey, Roberts, Reimold, Jones, Markakis, Wieters. -Stacey

Balance can add up to production
Jim Hunter blows some sunshine up your back side. -Stacey

Orioles sign Scott, exchange arbitration numbers with Guthrie -
As duck posted earlier, the O's and Luke Scott have agreed to a 1 year, $4.05M contract. Additionally, the Orioles and Jeremy Guthrie have exchanged arbitration numbers. Guthrie submitted $3.625M and the O's submitted $2.3M. They can still reach an agreement before the hearing in February. -Stacey

Cashen, Gooden, Johnson and Strawberry to be inducted into Mets Hall of Fame
Davey Johnson will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame on August 1, 2010 for his excellent job as their manager in the mid 1980s. Congrats to Davey. -Stacey

Orioles Invite 12 to Spring Training
This press release from the Orioles names 12 players not on the 40 man roster who have been invited to Spring Training, including Jake Arrieta, Josh Perrault, and Caleb Joseph. -Stacey

2009 Stats for all Orioles on the 40 man and the non-roster invitees
For your enjoyment. -Stacey

In ex-Orioles news, the Rangers and Chris Ray agreed to a 1 year, $975K contract while George Sherrill and the Dodgers avoided going to arbitration with a $4.5M deal. 

There's not a man who knows him who wouldn't swear for his integrity and honesty and give testimony to his consideration of others. He's an extraordinary human being, which is important, and the world's greatest third baseman of all time, which is incidental." - John Steadman about Brooks Robinson, who has been on my mind of late.