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SBN and CC Hall of Fame Voting: Blyleven and Alomar lead the pack

The results of the Hall of Fame vote come out Wednesday with one of the biggest names being former Oriole Roberto Alomar. I personally think that Alomar is a no doubt Hall of Famer but my opinion sometimes doesn't jive with that of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Luckily I was able to vote my opinion on Robbie twice, as the SB Nation baseball writers took their own HoF vote and you may remember I solicited a Camden Chat vote as well.

Each of the two votes resulted in just one player garnering the required 75% it would take to be elected into the Hall of Fame. For SB Nation, that player was Bert Blyleven (Alomar missed the cut by one measley vote). For Camden Chat, that player was quite obviously Roberto Alomar (Blyleven missed by 4 votes). It's tough to get 75% of people to agree on most things, but it's still surprising to me that each vote resulted in only one inductee. I would have guessed both Blyleven and Alomar would make both lists.

The SBN votes can be seen by blog here. Feel free to peruse and mock not only the votes by myself and fellow Camden Chatter daveh873 (mine is the first CC ballot, his the second), but those of the other blogs as well. You can see the full SBN results below the jump.

The Camden Chat results were interesting. Out of 53 total votes, Alomar received 42, or 79.25%. There was a ton of homer voting for Harold Baines, as he ended up with 32.08%, over 4 times as much as he got on the SBN vote. One person even voted for David Segui (seriously). It was a pretty peculier vote, actually. 3 people voted for Harold Baines but not Roberto Alomar. 3 also voted for Don Mattingly but not Alomar. You can check out the individual ballots here (I removed the individual names but feel free to 'fess up if you're one of those who voted Baines but not Alomar). Full CC voting results are also below the jump.

Camden Chat Vote Results

Player % Vote Total Votes
Roberto Alomar 79.3% 42
Bert Blyleven 67.9% 36
Barry Larkin 60.4% 32
Edgar Martinez 54.7% 29
Andre Dawson 39.6% 21
Mark McGwire 39.6% 21
Tim Raines 37.7% 20
Lee Smith 34.0% 18
Harold Baines
32.1% 17
Don Mattingly 28.3% 15
Fred McGriff 26.4% 14
Alan Trammell 24.5% 13
Jack Morris
22.6% 12
Dale Murphy 18.9% 10
Dave Parker 17.0% 9
Robin Ventura 7.6% 4
Todd Zeile
7.6% 4
Shane Reynolds
5.7% 3
Ellis Burks 3.8% 2
Andres Galarraga
3.8% 2
Eric Karros 3.8% 2
Kevin Appier 1.9% 1
David Segui 1.9% 1
Not receiving votes: Pat Hentgen, Mike Jackson, Ray Lankford


SB Nation Vote

Player % Vote Total Votes
Bert Blyleven 92.3% 48
Roberto Alomar 73.1% 38
Barry Larkin 63.5% 33
Tim Raines 53.8% 28
Mark McGwire 51.9% 27
Edgar Martinez 48.1% 25
Alan Trammell 40.4% 21
Andre Dawson 32.7% 17
Lee Smith 26.9% 14
Fred McGriff 25.0% 13
Dale Murphy 17.3% 9
Jack Morris 13.5% 7
Don Mattingly 11.5% 6
Harold Baines 7.7% 4
Dave Parker 3.8% 2
Kevin Appier 3.8% 2
Ellis Burks 1.9% 1
Ray Lankford 1.9% 1
Shane Reynolds 1.9% 1
Not receiving votes: Andres Galarraga, Pat Hentgen, Mike Jackson, Eric Karros, David Segui, Robin Ventura, Todd Zeile