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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Hey y'all, sorry about the late posting of this, your open thread. It's been a tough morning for me. Without further ado...links!

Trembley tinkers with lineup while waiting | News
I love that Trembley talks about Felix in the lineup because the kid needs to play! -Stacey

O's: Minor league update
The Schmucker gives the skinny on the O's minor league coaching changes. -Stacey

Tony Gwynn's daughter Anisha's baseball themed wedding will be on TV
Tony Gwynn's daughter married former Orioles farmhand Kennard Jones last year and now WeTV is airing a special about it. I don't know what's up with ol' Kennard these days; he didn't play in 2009. -Stacey

Pondering Berken and Hernandez
Where will Jason Berken and David Hernandez fit in on the 2010 staff? Steve Melewski has some ideas. -Stacey

Arguing About The How To Build A Winning Team | Camden Crazies
Last night on Twitter, a dude from WNST and Daniel from Camden Crazies got into it over Matt Holliday, with a few of us chiming in to tell Daniel not to bother. What? We're all nerds. -Stacey

Lastly, the HoF results will be announced today at 2 p.m. Fingers crossed for Robbie!